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Is marketing really important?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

In today's competitive business market, your audience desires to be connected with your brand. In order for your customers, clients or consumers to acknowledge you, they need to know you. It's like any other relationship, it takes time. With marketing, you are establishing a form of communication with your audience and begin building valuable relationships through your exposure and transparency.

A lot of times, Business seem to postpone marketing because of the lack of immediate turn over rates. Not understating, that with consistency there will come Success = Results!

There are over 95% of individuals aging from 18-34 that are actively using some sort of social media platform to follow brands. Your brand could be one of them! Imagine the presence of the brands that are actively sharing and communicating with their audience and building a report with them, Vs. brands that are silently sitting back relying solely on word of mouth or repeat customers. Eventually, their words will die out, and repeat customers will move on. It's time to bring your company to life!

To answer is marketing really important? The answer is, ABSOLUTELY.

Your audience wants to know what your brand is all about because they do care. They want to understand what you stand behind and when your values align with theirs, they will stand behind your brand as you do.

If you care for your brand, then you will understand that marketing is important because your business is important.

Here are 3 reasons why you should begin marketing in 2019

1.Builds Value, Builds Reputation

With effective marketing strategies, you are able to not only make your brand powerful but turn your audience into customers. Ultimately, building the value of your company! Customers need to feel connected to the brand in order for them to have trust in the business.

2. The more you shoot, the more you score

Deploying marketing strategies to your targeted audience, you are able to get your message to your customers and build a valuable report with them before your competitors are able to giving you an invaluable advantage!

3. Data is KING

Once you have successfully launched your marketing campaigns, you are able to collect data that will help you forecast your business success. With the data you collect, you will know your demographic and what they want from your business. Your strongest advantage against any competition is knowing what your customers look for in the ever-changing market.

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